The Little Diabetes Book You Need to Read 
by Michael Weiss, Martha Funnell

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"This is a welcome addition to the literature on diabetes, offering patients and families not only the necessary information they need to cope with this chronic illness but, more importantly, providing the reader with a sense of empowerment, a way to "adapt diabetes to fit your life instead of adapting your life to diabetes." Encouraging diabetics to take control of their lives, to individualize prescribed care, to manage their disease in a way that works for them sets this book apart. Its approach and methods are applicable to any chronic illness. Well-organized and beautifully written, it is also filled with personal comments making the reader feel he is not alone. It is outstanding - the best of its kind!"

"I have been caring for people who have diabetes for over 25 years and I'm always looking for really good diabetes books. This new book goes right to the top of my list. The title (The Little Diabetes Book You Need to Read) tells it all. This book is a perfect preparation for living with diabetes. It is beautifully written by two people who really know what they are talking about. If you have diabetes or if someone you love has diabetes, buy this book!"

"I am an RN that had cared for patients with diabetes in the hospital but really didn't "get it" until I spent a week with my brother-in-law as he recovered from one of many surgeries he has needed because of complications of his diabetes. I can't tell you how great it is to read a book that takes into account the complexities of each individual living with diabetes... physically, mentally and emotionally. This book is not only beautifully written and easy to understand but it offers a clear, flexible and guilt-free way to manage diabetes so that you and your family can focus on life. Many of the insights in this book can be applied to any chronic health issue. The title says it all....The Little Diabetes Book You Need to Read. Really!"

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