What is REAL DIABETES anyway?

Some people have jokingly asked whether it is compared to “fake” diabetes!

But anyone who has lived with diabetes knows there is nothing fake about diabetes nor is it a joking matter. REAL DIABETES is the diabetes you live with every single day – the way it makes you feel emotionally as well as physically, the way it interferes with your daily life, the constant need to make decisions all day long to manage the condition and the frustration you feel when those choices don’t quite lead to the results you wanted. 

REAL DIABETES is different for every person – whether you have diabetes, or you are watching a loved one struggle with it. It is something that you define for yourself based on your own experiences. Your definition of REAL DIABETES will likely change over time based on the physical and emotional challenges you face.

REAL DIABETES is not the same as “textbook” diabetes. A textbook about diabetes is likely to cover medical concerns (like hypoglycemia and insulin resistance), treatments (like diet and insulin) and measurements (like blood sugar and blood pressure levels). While all of this information is essential, it is far from the whole story. And remember, you will always be the world’s foremost expert on your own diabetes!


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